Feridun Avar

Feridun now has his own website at feridunavar.wordpress.com

Feridun Avar is a renowned singer and musician of traditional and classical Turkish music, specializing in baglama (saz) but also accomplished on ney, joomboosh, oud, guitar and percussion.

E Mail: avarferidun@yahoo.com.au

Feridun Avar was born 1962 in Mus a city of Eastern Turkey. He spent most of his childhood and early adulthood in Istanbul. Feridun is a leading Turkish vocalist, saz, guitar player and band leader. Feridun has many years experience in the music industry in Turkey and Australia. He immigrated to Australia in 1990. Feridun is currently collaborating with a number of musicians from such diverse musical backgrounds as English classic to traditional Tibetan and Australian Aboriginal. Feridun continues to bring his years of experience, skill and passion to the development of collaborating, mixing and joining harmonies.in Australia with musicians from around the world.

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