EthnoSuperLounge is a network of musicians, based in Australia, Japan and India, from many cultural backgrounds who come together to share their songs and sounds in the spirit of unity, healing and transcendence - a mellow world music fusion collective including musicians from India, Tibet, Turkey and Africa, along with many musicians in Australia and Japan strongly influenced by Indian classical music, other African and Asian music traditions plus Western styles such as jazz, ambient, reggae and electronica.

At its heart is tabla player Shen Flindell, a musician with a dream to create new cross-cultural music reflecting our new global culture yet drawing from the spiritual power of traditional ethnic music forms.

Ethno - 世界中の人々が
Super - 時をこえて 意識をこえて
Lounge - 美しい光の中で円になる

EthnoSuperLounge organiser Shen Flindell is not only experienced in world music fusion but also an accomplished Indian Classical (Hindustani) tabla accompanist and soloist, thanks to the teachings and blessings of his respected Guru-ji of tabla, Late Pandit Kaviraj Ashutosh Bhattacharya.

EthnoSuperLounge is dedicated to world peace and cultural understanding through the creation of cross-cultural music in an open, empowering and transcendental way, inspired by the traditional devotional music and mystic philosophies of the world and especially the rich cultural traditions of India and Asia.

NEW: Participate by visiting the EthnoSuperLounge Forum, where you can meet folks to play world music with and discuss world music topics.

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